Muscle-testing / ERT with Ruthie Holloway



Q. How many sessions will I need?

As with any therapy, healing your body and your mind is a journey, so I recommend weekly or twice-a-month sessions over at least 4 months. It can also depend on how far down the energy healing rabbit hole you wish to go! My own journey was 8 months to clear the majority of my larger issues, however I still clear stuff for myself every day. If you are also looking to strengthen your spiritual side and find out what sort of skills you have, clearing blocked energy is essential.

I believe in the future, it will be normal every-day practice for everyone to muscle-test and clear energy.


Q: Will I feel the emotions come up as they are identified and released?

It is very rare you will actually feel the emotion that you are releasing, which is what makes this work so appealing. It's relatively quick and easy to locate, identify and release up to 30 trapped emotions from your body in the space of an hour. Yet the experience which your body has stored, which that emotion has been attached to can sometimes produce an emotional reaction, in which case this can then be openly discussed, but only if you wish to. All content of the sessions is 100% private and confidential.

More often than not, the release of and relief from unwanted emotions that have clogged up your being and energy field, tends to lift people's spirits at the end of a session, making them feel happier and physically lighter.


Q: Is this type of energy release therapy safe to do?

Muscle-testing is one of the safest ways to remove emotions as and when they are ready to go and not before if done correctly. The great thing about it is that we are tapping in to the energy in your body's muscles which is communicating with your mind - subconscious (95%) and conscious (5%). Your body and mind will not allow anything to surface before you are ready, and a good therapist will be consistently checking to see if it is safe for everything that is coming up to be released.

My own therapy practice places a huge importance on safety - removing emotions only when they and you are ready, and also includes energy center (or chakra) 'balancing' methods before and during the sessions, to ensure we do the work effectively. More about this is discussed in an initial consultation, which can be booked on the homepage.


Q: Is there an instant release of physical pain?

Clients have reported (as I can) an instant relief of a dull ache or mild pain in an area of the body. Often, a pain can appear just before we locate it (as if it is signifying it is ready to go). It's a fantastic moment when a physical pain goes away straight after it's been found and released using the muscle-testing methods, although remember it can often be the first layer of and with more layers underneath, so a mild pain can reappear.

Larger pains may not be possible to remove, but it has been done before. This will most certainly require more than one session. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have a specific large physical pain - it is always worth seeing if there are emotions hiding out in that area of your body. 


Q: I am on medication, can we still do this type of therapy? 

Some types of medication for physical pain are not a problem when doing this work. However, it's sometimes not possible to work with people on medications that are for the mind and emotions, such as SSRIs/anti-depressants. If you are thinking about booking an initial consultation, please drop me an email if you are on any sort of medication and let me know what type it is.


Q: Where do the sessions take place?

Sessions take place on a video call, usually via Zoom or Skype in the comfort of your own home which clients prefer. Please see 'The Science' page under the section, 'You're Way Bigger Than The Confines of Your Body' for why and how this works effectively.  In some cases, I am happy to see people at their own home anywhere between South East and Greater London.


Q: I heard it can even be fun! Is that true?

Often, people have easy and even enjoyable sessions. It is exciting to see what you're releasing that's been giving you emotional triggers - especially if it is not your own emotion, but that of a family member, ancestor or friend. Sometimes of course, as with any other therapy, information can come up (about you or someone you know) that can be tricky to hear or emotions difficult to admit you felt (by the way I've felt and released all of them! And most far more than once). But remember you are peeling away emotions that are holding you back and whilst it might not always be easy - what's at the core is much more of the incredible You that you want to be (and have seen glimpses of already I bet).    


Q: Are there any side effects?

There can be side effects of releasing trapped energy, but most are mild. These can include tiredness, a feeling of groggyness, a fuzzy head, a headache or sometimes a low mood swing or a new mild physical pain. Whilst most are your body and mind processing the work you've done in the session, the latter two, if they hang about, are often signs that another emotion, or collection of emotions are ready to be removed. If ERT / muscle testing is done properly, you shouldn't be having any large side effects that greatly impact you.

For more info please see   HOW IT WORKS  


Q: How much does this work involve things of a spiritual nature?

Some people receive an increased sense of intuition, which all have reported to assist them in their lives, whilst some go further to activate their spiritual side (we all have one, we Westerners just haven't been taught much about how to activate it, or more importantly, the benefits it can bring to our lives). 

You will not activate anything spiritual unless you are ready for it. And that's because biologically and neurologically, your subconscious and your body will be protecting you (it's wonderful how we work!). However, if you do want to explore it, I can help you do this gently and at a pace that suits you.



If you, your child or someone you know is seeing things or interacting with things of a spiritual nature that don't make sense to you, please get in touch and I will see if I can help. To note, I cannot work with anyone on any sort of psychological medication and I will need to know any diagnoses and full background / history.



I am always happy to work with children and young people, with their parents' or guardians' consent of course, and not before a (usually 45 minute - 1 hour) phone conversation or video call to discuss the issues your child is facing. 


I offer NHS staff and care workers a discount. Please get in touch with me below if you want to find out more about this.
 If I have not covered a question you have, please get in touch and ask away.


This information is not meant to replace the advice of a medical professional. Heal Me Now recommends seeking a doctor’s advice before implementing any new health routine. Not everyone will find immediate relief from their ailments by applying energy healing methods. However, many practitioners have seen incredible results for their clients and many people across the globe have used this type of alternative therapy to successfully relieve problems and traumas they’ve struggled with for many years.




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