Conquer Avoidance, Find The Love!


At the very core of how you live your life are the emotions, thoughts and reactions shaped by your beliefs - beliefs about you, your relationships and all elements of your life. The product of beliefs (and subconscious beliefs) are habits. Retraining our beliefs and habits puts us in a position to take charge of and change our lives in ways we don't imagine are possible.

This is why I moved from life coaching to belief coaching. Because what you believe about yourself and your life governs how you think, feel, act and react. And that in turn creates specific frequencies or vibrations of electromagnetic energy which you put out in to the world, which in turn, resonate with similar frequencies of people and situations around you - science not philosophy.


So now consider that it is entirely possible for you to become:

  • The Creator of your Future 
  • The CEO of your Life
  • The Warrior of your Spirit, Soul and Inner Being
  • The Alchemist of your path to Self-discovery, Healing and Achieving

    BELIEF-CHANGING & HABITUAL RITUALS: Everyone has a really awesome picture of the life they want to lead and the person they want to be, or know deep down they can be. At the very centre of who we are and why we are brilliant in many ways and not in others, is our thoughts, emotions and beliefs about ourselves and our lives. These reflecting and effecting how we see other people.

    We also develop unhelpful thought patterns and habits which can keep us feeling stuck in some way. Together, we will unearth these thoughts, emotions and beliefs that have become habits and you'll be taught how to become aware of them, before learning learn how to create entirely (brilliant) new thoughts, emotions and beliefs about yourself and your life. 


    NEUROBICS: Together, we'll train a team of healthy thoughts and beliefs using my Neurobics class methods (like an aerobics class for the brain, more commonly known as neurolinguistics) to instil into your cells and neural pathways, and an interior army of healthy cells in your body. As our sessions progress, you'll start to emanate and mirror the fruits of self-belief, personal empowerment, success, peace, balance, love, health, confidence, courage and joy. 

    More about Neurobics here



    Whilst it will require patience, perseverance, endurance, self-kindness, introspection, some relentless habit changing and at points, a huge refusal to listen to the “I can’t do this” or "I'm going to give up" voice, it will be entirely worth all the mud you wade through. Some of my coaching sessions can be lighthearted, fun, and even funny at times. I consider this aspect of the sessions a vital and healthy part of the igniting-your-potential process.



    "With your help, I've finally worked out how to replace my old thoughts and emotional habits of avoidance, resentment, not feeling good enough, confusion or that "what have I done wrong?" question with confidence and self-belief. Free of judgement (of others and myself). I'm so much happier! And new people and opportunities have started flowing in to my life. Thankyou, Ruthie!"  Jeremy, UK

      Many of the tools I use to help my clients, and my knowledge, research and inspiration comes from the great minds of scientists, therapists, philosophers and spiritual leaders alike, including Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Eckhart Tolle, Abraham Hicks, Donna Eden, Deepak Chopra, Marisa Peer, Lynne McTaggart and Rupert Sheldrake.






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