I am a holistic therapist and life coach bridging science and spirituality for powerful and highly effective healing, personal growth and spiritual evolution. I am based in the UK and work with clients across the globe, online and in-person, bringing the science of our energy, energy healing, bioscience, muscle testing, neurolinguistics and neuroplasticity together with spiritual growth in a way that allows you to explore and heal your self, cells and soul. Clients experience healing and personal evolution in a holistic manner - physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. 
The best part of my work is seeing clients smile, heal, progress and shed old skins (habits, programs and beliefs) they want to let go of. As well as seeing them achieve healthy states of mind and spirit, as powerful changes take place. It's amazing to see people reconnect with who they really are (and who've they've always been) underneath any learned habits, programs and beliefs that don't serve them.



I tailor-make sessions to suit each individual client with my energy therapies, life coaching, and spiritual growth training.  My accredited training and certification is with IOATH and Transformation Academy for energy healing and spiritual life coaching. After a creative career in marketing and the art world including a TEDx talk as an artist exploring the body as the subconscious mind, my path into healing started with my reiki certifications, a short course in neuroplasticity and 1.5 years of intensive meditations, neuroscience and quantum physics education with the Dr Joe Dispenza Advanced program.

I then discovered the incredible effects of Energy Release Therapy, more commonly known as Muscle Testing. After 5 months as a client of a very talented therapist who trained with Dr Bradley Nelson's muscle testing program, The Emotion Code/Discover Healing, I knew I wanted to learn how to do it myself so that I could help others. I then went on to complete 4 months of intensive training in this specific type of muscle testing, which is highly accurate in identifying, locating and releasing trapped energies and emotions in the body.




It was during this time that I started to develop an extremely high level of intuition and an unexpected psychic ability, channelling, ESP, light language and telepathy (all of which are still growing). This was somewhat of a surprise to say the least! It is something I didn't look for, but something I treat with huge respect and as a gift. I am also regularly in touch with many spirit guides (often those of my clients during the first or second sessions). As a psychic, I have also helped police services find missing people on two occasions, as well as helping children and adults having experiences of a spiritual nature which they want to explore, struggle with or can't explain. 


My curiosity lies in the science of energy, neuroscience, consciousness and the non-physical world and my research is never-ending! I keep up to date with studies in energy medicine, subtle energy science, human and global consciousness, intentionality, studies in the quantum field, biofield science, ESP, telepathy, cosmology and our bioelectromagnetic energy in relation to our individual vibration and frequencies.

The bridging of the scientific and the spiritual has undoubtedly been the best part of my journey so far (and for many of my clients) and is something I continue to explore. There is much more us humans have yet to discover, as this synergy of the two unfolds and forms a deeper bond. 



Ruthie x



This information is not meant to replace the advice of a medical professional. Heal Me Now recommends seeking a doctor’s advice before implementing any new health routine. Not everyone will find immediate relief from their ailments by applying energy healing methods. However, many practitioners have seen incredible results for their clients and many people across the globe have used this type of alternative therapy to successfully relieve problems and traumas they’ve struggled with for many years.




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