"I can't believe how much better I feel - consistently, after each session. And how differently I see my life. This is powerful work! Thanks so much!" J, Cotswolds.


- locates, identifies and releases trapped emotions from the body

- heals the body, emotional self and soul

- naturally raises your energetic frequency (by removing low vibration emotions)

- removes emotions from four sources (see below) 

- brings emotions from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind without judgement

- activates self-kindness

- diminishes self-judgement and judgement of others 

- brings about balance between Ego and Self

- activates contentment and spirituality

- helps you to see yourself differently


As alternative energy therapies grow in popularity, more and more medical experts and scientists are researching energy therapies' incredible capacity to heal.  This makes sense when you consider that we are made of 99.9% energy - even all of our physical stuff! 

Have you heard of the phrase, "Got issues in your tissues?" Emotions and stress are energy (which can be stored as trapped energy in your body) - as attested by science for many years. They can cause pain, discomfort and even emotional triggers and mood swings. Understanding that emotions are energy (physics not philosophy) is key to realising just how much they can affect us. 


Considered one of the 'subtle energy' therapies (such as reiki, acupuncture and EFT (tapping) amongst others), Energy Release Therapy, or Muscle Testing, as it is more commonly known, is the process of an energy therapist locating and identifying trapped energy (emotions) in your body by accessing your biofeedback (information your body stores), before the client then releases the energy through their meridian lines using their own biomagnetism.

It is safe, highly effective, very interesting and painless. It is a method of muscle testing and the type I do was developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson (Discover Healing) in 2007, which he outlined in his book, The Emotion Code.

It is extremely popular in the worlds of alternative medicine, although in my opinion, it is highly likely that this type of muscle testing (although it would be more accurate to call it energy testing), could potentially be one of the main ways of healing in the future. Yet it is available here and now.


Where did it come from?

Emerging in the 1900s, muscle testing and manual muscle testing (MMT) are rooted in Kinesiology, the scientific study of movement in the body.  Initially discovered through the groundbreaking work of orthopaedic surgeon, RW Lovett, it was later developed by physical therapist, Florence Kendall and chiropractor, George Goodheart. In the last few years, it has become a highly effective form of alternative therapy, whereby it can gain direct feedback from your body's cells, which store the energy of our thoughts, memories and emotional experiences.


Below is a visual example of where trapped energy (emotions) might be hiding out in your body, and note that NOT all of these will be yours felt throughout your own life experiences. Thanks to Epigenetics, we have learned that we inherit memories in our genes from our families and ancestors. We also receive emotional energy from those around us, accumulated throughout our lives, as well as energy from where our consciousness or soul has been before - from our past lives.

This energy is released by you through your meridian lines, using your own biomagnetism - magnetism produced by living organisms - like me and you. We also send emotional signals out to others as energy through our electromagnetic waves with a frequency - like a wifi signal. Both our bodies and the energy fields (or "biofields") around our bodies are electromagnetic. 

Some of the emotions we have are lovely emotions and some are unhelpful emotions - unreleased and stored in the body. When they build up, they can block our energy centres (there are thousands all over the body) causing such things as emotional distress, anxiety, aches, potential disease, illness or physical pain.


energy healing trauma emotions


These trapped energies can also be very subtle.



- unwanted energies and emotions of your own - current day and those accumulated from your life experiences (including any traumatic experiences) - and including some that are in the subconscious mind.

- unwanted energies and emotions of others you know in your life - including friends, family, people at school, work and in your community, as well as any pre-natal energy.

- unwanted energies and emotions of your ancestors. If our bodies storing our ancestors' emotions is new news to you, please see ref 1 and ref 2 with regards to the incredible discoveries within Epigenetics, which says our bodies store the experiences of our ancestors.

- unwanted energies and emotions from your soul's past lives. Not all believe in past lives, so if you don't, this is not something we need to explore. However if you do, it's one of the most exciting parts of each of us, and is incredibly nourishing for your soul.


I removed a past life full of sadness from one of my clients and consequently, a headache and sinus pain she had developed that morning had entirely disappeared by the end of the session. This is just one of many case studies from my sessions so far, which demonstrate how releasing past life emotions can change the physical wellbeing of a person, as well as emotional and mental states.




Or continue reading below to understand

The Science Of Your Energy

- your meridian lines - the energy highways all over our body

- your body as a bio 'super' computer


Since 4000 BC! (& Our Biofields / Auras)

Since 4000 BC, healers, practitioners and energy therapists all over the world have long understood that our emotional and physical health is governed by the energy that flows through our bodies and around them, in what is known today as our biofield (see the image below) which is the electromagnetic field of energy around your body, also called a torus field, biofield or 'aura'. 

Consider then, that If we are made of up of 99.9% energy, controlling or removing energy in our body, when it comes to repairing or healing ourselves (and our cells), makes A LOT of sense.


The Mind-Body Connection

Scientists now know that the body will give us vast amounts of information about what’s in the mind and vice versa. The two are very close friends. Our brains are essentially a super intelligent computer that can gather information about and from the body. Similar to acupuncture, muscle testing accesses our meridian lines, which carry energy through our bodies. 

The reason muscle testing is so highly effective at clearing energy blockages is that it can receive information from the body ('biofeedback') to find and release specific energies (emotions are energy), layer by layer - much like peeling away layers of an onion - gradually and safely. A locked muscle indicates “yes, I am in balance and I can continue to function" whilst an unlocked response indicates “no, I am unbalanced” – there is too much stress for me to work properly.” (ref 1) 

This “stress” can be the product of a trapped emotion which you can release through this type of energy healing.

Meridian Lines (Accessing Unwanted Energies)

Humans first discovered that accessing our meridian lines is a powerful way to release pain via Chinese medicine thousands of years ago. Our meridian lines have the best access points (think of them like doors which can open and close) to the energy that is stored all over our bodies. This energy includes trapped energy, or your “e-motions” (often referred to as "energy in motion") and your thoughts. Both have been scientifically established as one of the most powerful types of energy we have, both inside and outside of / around our bodies.

In the 1980s, Alan Beardall established the concept of the body as a “biocomputer.” This is how we are supplied with information about emotions in the body and where they are stored. Our meridian lines then, are the 'how' and 'where' we access and release the unwanted emotions - they are our energy highways.

“She’s just got such a great energy about her!”

Ever said that about someone? You’re sensing their positive feelings, or 'e-motions' ("energy in motion") which vibrate at a specific frequency which in turn, resonate with your own frequency, vibrations or "vibe". It is no coincidence your good vibrations attract similar vibrations of your friends for example, and why clashing vibrations can seem to repel you from someone else in your life, such as a boss or a family member. This is also referred to as the Law of Attraction where like attracts like.


Raising Your Frequency with Energy Release Therapy

The MORE energies (emotions) you release that have a low vibration (like sorrow or anger - some not even being yours, remember) the more you are raising your vibration and frequency to higher levels. Which does what? Brings in other people, situations and events resonating at higher frequencies! 


Either way, your energy field can easily pick up strong, positive and negative emotions from your life experiences, AND those of others (demonstrated below). These are then stored as pockets of energy in your muscles, tissues, cells and organs, just like memories are.  See how muscle memory isn’t just about storing information about how to ride a bike or play a new instrument.

"The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field around the body." (

Your energy exists both in and outside of your body like a wifi signal, signalling how you feel (your frequency)

As far back as 1863, scientists have known humans are electromagnetic, with large electromagnetic fields around our bodies (produced by our own self-made electricity and magnetism). The heart is our most powerful organ and its electromagnetic field can be felt by a person up to an incredible 5 feet away (ref 2).

Ultimately, we are constantly giving our energy to people we interact with and receiving theirs. We are also, consistently emanating how we feel to each other via emotions in this field of energy (emotions determine our electromagnetic frequency which resonate with those on the same frequency as ours).

And if it’s a strong e-motion, our bodies keep and store some of that energy (particularly empaths). As mentioned before, we are made up of 99.9% energy (atoms) and 0.01% matter - tangible, physical “stuff” like arms, legs, a head, blood, organs, muscles etc (ref 3).  Atoms make up our cells, which make up our tissues, which make up organs, which make up our organ system which makes up a human body.

"Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. This is not philosophy. This is physics." Albert Einstein

So you can see how much more energy we are than matter. Albert Einstein also worked out that atoms react in a very non-local manner, particularly in response to emotions, meaning time and distance are no obstacle when it comes to a mother’s sixth sense that her offspring is in trouble (and the reason why muscle-testing work need not be done in person, but instead, via a video call).

Energy doesn’t see bones and skin, 3000 miles or brick walls as barriers! Which is why if you have a heated conversation or argument on the phone, your body can take in and store that emotional reaction.

In short...

In short, energy is the biggest thing in and around your body, with some of the most powerful forms of energy being emotions and thoughts. They affect you inside and outside in your energy field - and ultimately affect everything else in your life.





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