“Future medicine will be based on controlling energy frequencies in the body.” Dr William Tiller.

What Happens In A Session? 

In short, Energy Release Therapy removes trapped energy and emotions from the body and subconscious mind. It is a powerful yet gentle way to heal - physically, emotionally and mentally.


Our bodies have an Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) which acts largely unconsciously to control all the body functions we need to keep us alive and kicking. It knows everything that is happening in your body (in 50 trillion cells). This information is all unconscious to us, but muscle testing, rooted in Kinesiology) has made it possible to access this info from your body, which is called 'biofeedback.'

Using muscle-testing techniques, I will access the responses from your body about what these emotions are, whose emotions they are and where in your body they are stored (as blocked energy). A locked muscle indicates “yes, I am in balance and I can continue to function" whilst an unlocked response indicates “no, I am unbalanced” – there is too much stress for me to work properly.”

"Every cell in our bodies is bathed in an external and internal environment of fluctuating invisible magnetic forces."  Read the science at



I locate it, you remove it (pain-free)

Once I locate an unwanted emotion / a trapped energy in the body (which can be anywhere from your feet to your throat), it is removed by the action of you moving your hand over your governing meridian line (from your neck, over your head) which also has little access "doors" which open for energy to be released. 

Chinese medicine and ancient civilisations have worked with the meridian lines for thousands of years (since 4000BC) with powerful effects - Western science is only just catching up! Meridian lines carry energy through the body (and emotions are also energy). See your governing meridian line as the powerhouse, through which all meridian lines are connected and can be accessed. I then check to see that each one has been released and we move on to the next emotion, without analysis (unless required).

Your biomagnetism + your intention = release of energy

As your body responds to your biomagnetic energy, your own magnetism in your hand and arm literally pulls the trapped emotion away from you, aided by your already present intention (more on that below) to release the unwanted emotion. And who's intention is more powerful than a therapist's? Yours! Which is why this works so well without a therapist being in the room with you.



After we have removed trapped emotions, I will then give you positive words, statements and visualisation techniques to leave in the body and mind. 

Remember, words, together with our thoughts and emotions - the most powerful forms of energy we have - are scientifically proven to effect body and mind. You can literally change your body's cells, your brain's neural pathways and your life with them. 

(See more about Neurobics here.)


Scientific studies in human consciousness have proven that the power of our own human intention can affect and improve our physical lives. Experiments have shown that our thoughts and intentions can even affect the structure of water (and we're made of 75% water!) It has also been proven that energy healing can be done non-locally (in one experiment, people on one side of the world were able to help heal those on the other). Which is why muscle-testing can be done online via a video call. 


Is It Safe? (Chapter 1 First)

Energy Release Therapy is one of the most painless forms of energy release therapy I have ever experienced. My own practice puts safety and timing first, which means I will not uncover any emotions until your body is ready to release them. All areas of the body are consistently checked by me throughout a session with this in mind. We are built of layers of emotions and experiences or "stories" as I like to call them. So we will not be opening chapter 11 before we've found out what's in chapters 1 - 10.

Instant Relief & Natural Progression

Often a client will report a dull ache or pain they have instantly disappearing after an emotion has been released. This is always of course, incredibly exciting, however it is worth remembering that most of us have a lot of layers of emotions to remove, so often, another emotion can be ready to appear not long after, often in the same area. It's a bit like a queue. Some sessions may need to continue over several months, some people only require a few.

How Many Emotions Can We Clear In One Session?

On average, we can clear between 40 - 50 emotions in a 1 hour session (without you feeling them as you release them). Sometimes a bit of conversation about the experience that caused the emotion can help, as it can help prevent any "habitual" emotions (old beliefs that don't serve you) from coming back but it is not compulsory. Sometimes it's nice just to strip the unwanted energy & emotions away!

The Exciting Stuff

The process of getting rid of an emotion in the simple and effective way that this type of therapy works, can feel incredibly wonderful at points (and yes, tricky at others). Either way, it is a huge relief to discover that some of your emotional triggers can disappear once you start peeling back the layers.






This information is not meant to replace the advice of a medical professional. Heal Me Now recommends seeking a doctor’s advice before implementing any new health routine. Not everyone will find immediate relief from their ailments by applying energy healing methods. However, many practitioners have seen incredible results for their clients and many people across the globe have used this type of alternative therapy to successfully relieve problems and traumas they’ve struggled with for many years.




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