Your Spiritual Evolution


"We are all spiritual beings in a body, with souls that hold a vast storybook of past and future lives full of wisdom and information. There are many chapters to open, heal, explore and celebrate, which in turn provide much clarity about and peace within our current life." - Ruthie


In sessions, I use my psychic ability, mediumship, telepathy, intuition and contact with spirit guides, to help you activate your spiritual ascension and get to know (and heal) your soul's past lives.


In sessions you will:

Learn how to tap in to higher levels of consciousness

Get to know your soul and spirit

Grow and evolve your intuition

Learn energy management & safe practice

Discover and release trapped emotions you carry from your past lives and ancestors.

Meet & receive communication from your spirit guides through my light language

& learn how to look out for signs from them

Access past lives through meditation-style past life regression (no hypnosis needed)



It may be that you have experienced something of the spirit world or of a spiritual nature, such as a sixth sense, a high level of intuition, felt a spirit presence around you, had connection with a spirit being or seen visions of places you've never been, or future events before they happen. There are many other signs that can lead to being curious about or feeling connected to the worlds beyond our physical one. Seeing numbers repetitively, synchronicities, ringing in the ears, seeing colours around people, lucid or vivid dreams and déja vu are just some of the other signs to look out for.

Often, many people experience a richness to life once they have explored and activated the spiritual nature of life, themselves, other levels of consciousness and the spirit worlds.


We can accept that we have emotional, physical and mental parts of ourselves. Yet ask us to explain how well we know the spiritual side of ourselves (or for many, even what our 'spirit' is and if we each have one), and the answer isn't so easy! If you have ever felt any of the below, it can be a sign you are ready to explore, grow and activate your spirit, soul and the essence of who you are.

These include:

  • A feeling that you are connected to something bigger, beyond the physical world.
  • Pain - emotional, mental and/or physical - that doesn't make sense, phobias, lack of direction or feeling separate from the 3D world.
  • Feeling like there is a void in you, like an empty space, or a sadness or emotional reactions to things that don't make any sense.
  • An overwhelming sense of connection to nature.
  • The desire to understand and connect with yourself on a deeper level (even if you don't know what that involves yet).
  • You have a lot of questions!  What is in the 5D world? Are there other dimensions? Is time non-linear and can we time travel? Do other beings on other planets exist? Is there a God or Source energy or overarching powerful life force or greater intelligence (which many refer to as the Universe) that created everything we came from? And do we have past lives?





 What is a Spiritual Awakening?

A "spiritual awakening" is, generally speaking, a newfound awareness of the spiritual reality or levels of consciousness beyond the physical world as we know it. It can be gradual or rapid, and there are many different levels. It can mean experiencing bliss or nirvana in some way, having seen beyond your personal and collective programs, beliefs and systems that much of humanity lives by, or it can mean at a more expansive level, a connection with the non-physical world in any number of ways (telepathy, visions, emotional signs, contact with spirits) that brings with it a deeper understanding and experience of the world/s beyond our physical one.

How Do I Have a Spiritual Awakening?

Note that everyone's awakening experience is different and there are no two alike. What activates one person's journey can be different to another's. Yet an absolutely necessary part of it will be healing - or 'clearing' - your body energetically to aid it forward. Scientifically, energy healing via muscle testing (Energy Release Therapy) allows us to remove any trapped energy blocking your energy highways (meridian lines all over your body), so that light, and good energy can flow properly, allowing a clearer pathway in your third eye. 

Energy Release Therapy is one of the easiest and safest way to do this. I will guide you to awaken and ascend at your own pace, with safety at the forefront. Some clients come to me more awakened than others, and some not at all. You'll receive information from your spirit guides (often in the first or second session), whilst evolving emotionally, spiritually and mentally at a pace that is right for you. Perspectives, beliefs and thought patterns will also start to shift during the sessions.


)Other Tools for Awakening


"Knowledge is the precursor to belief" - Joe Dispenza
NB. Some of the below I teach in the sessions
  • It's also helpful to become inquisitive about both spirituality and the science behind energy (including your own), vibration, frequency and consciousness, which will help you to understand how spiritual experiences are possible and very much real. 
  • Balancing the Self and Egoic Mind: Knowing and understanding your spiritual self starts with balancing self and ego, and so shedding habitual protective skins from your egoic mind and your idea or 'image' of yourself. It starts with accessing and getting to know what's in your subconscious mind, and connecting to your higher self (yes it's real, and it isn't interested in judging you!)
  • Losing fear, doing some shadow work and understanding how cultural and learned beliefs have affected you personally, all greatly help. 
  • Things like brainwave frequency music, meditation, breathwork, some types of yoga, hypnosis, sound baths and shamanic journeying can all help activate spiritual growth and evolution, and I highly recommend them, but know that what works for one person may not work for another.
  • Your spirit is a very real part of you, and is the side of us that holds the treasure of information which explains so much of what we don't understand about ourselves. And that can unlock new perspectives, more happiness, healing, and a sense of peace about who we are and our life journey so far. 
  • It can also greatly benefit the other sides of us - emotionally, mentally and physically. As well as people in our lives. 

    If you're ready to activate your spiritual side or simply want to find out more, please book a call with me via the form below.

    Spiritual Blockages

    At our very essence, we are light. Our biophotons produce light, we came from light (we are made of the same chemicals as stars and science says we still have stardust within us - stars are our chemical ancestors). Everything and everyone came from light.
    If energy doesn't flow around your body because of energy blockages, the light (or Universal life force as reiki calls it) can't flow around you properly either. Accessing your subconscious mind and bringing the stories (trapped energies held in your body) to your conscious mind is where healing energy blockages starts and, once the light can flow, spiritual awakening begins.

    Energy Release Therapy is a safe, easy and painless way to release energy blockages and in every single client who is looking, it has greatly aided them in activating spiritual awakening. 

    My Own Spiritual Awakening

    People often ask me how I had my own awakening, and If I'm going to help you activate and guide you through yours, I feel it's only right I tell you about my own! What is interesting about my experience is that I wasn't looking to awaken or become psychic or a medium. My intention was to heal my stomach problems, address a strange sad feeling I had which I couldn't explain, and get rid of persistent anxiety. At the time it happened, I had just finished 17 sessions of Energy Release Therapy, and I realise now, I had removed enough energy blockages for this awakening to be activated. 
    Before that, I had done 1.5 years of daily meditation with the Joe Dispenza Advanced program, which also showed me the power of neuroscience and neuroplasticity, the science of our energy and quantum physics, before by chance, I connected with my muscle testing therapist in a Facebook marketing group (of all places). 
    Not long after my 17 sessions, I started having visions of my past lives (with huge emotional reactions and releases), connection and telepathy with spirits and I saw on several occasions, the spiritual world merge with the physical world, most experiences lasting more than 15 minutes. I experienced these as far more "real" than the real world that we know (you may have heard the saying "beyond the veil.") These experiences happened in broad daylight whilst working in London in several locations (as opposed to seeing them in my head whilst meditating).
    For me, my spiritual awakening brought with it psychic, medium, ESP and telepathic abilities, as well as regular communication with (and information from) spirit guides and other light beings, and the channeling of information from various guides through light language. Light language is often an extremely useful and interesting highlight for my clients as they are often given information through it, which I am then able to translate in to English.




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