Emotional baggage (trapped energy) is a real thing, and there's now vast amounts of scientific evidence to support it. Emotions are energy, just like our thoughts are. In fact, both emotions and thoughts - which are created by our life experiences and interactions with others - are the most powerful types of energy we have (in and outside of our bodies, in our energy biofields or 'auras'). 
Both affect and create our life experiences, and what's more, not all of these trapped energies are created by you - some are the energy of those around you in your past and your present, as well as those of your ancestors (as research in Epigenetics has proven) and some are linked to where your consciousness was before this life time (your past lives). Please note, scientists are very close to proving we have past lives and there is already countless examples of evidence to support them.
We hold other people's energies because energy doesn't have a problem with the physical body as a barrier (or distance), meaning we share, give, receive and store the energy of others.
Whatever emotions (trapped energies) you do have stored in your body though, it will allow you and your life to move forward in all the ways you want once you remove them. This is because you won't have any low frequency energy clouds fogging up your good frequency energy! 
To find out how you can release these trapped energies, please visit Energy Release Therapy below.