Getting rid of tricky emotions is easier than you think

Getting rid of tricky emotions is easier than you think

The problem isn't that we feel tricky emotions like shame, anger, envy, guilt or resentment. The problem is that we subconsciously feel guilty for having them!

Then they set up camp in our bodies.

But releasing them is actually quite simple.

It's actually really simple!

But first, it's helpful for you to know some science:

- your subconscious mind stores any emotion you don't like to admit.
- your subconscious mind is also present in your body energetically speaking
- stress and emotions camp out in your body... more popularly known as "issues in your tissues."
- Human intention is extremely powerful! (I saved the best bit for last).

Positive (or negative) intention has an incredibly strong impact upon our brains, cells and even on our life circumstances, as is evident in quantum physics, neuroscience and bioscience studies. 

See yourself as the scientist conducting an experiment on your own brain and body.

So here's how you do it:

1. Recognise you feel uncomfortable about a situation, conflict or experience.
2. Work out the associated emotion/s - is it resentment, frustration, blame, anger, envy, intimidation, shame?
3. Say out loud "I acknowledge I feel (eg. resentment) and I release it from me." No analysis of why or who's involved.

It takes around 10 seconds for each emotion. 

Tried and tested, I can tell you it works. Every time. Just because you have a "bad" feeling doesn't make you a bad person. The subconscious mind and body LOVES it when you do this exercise.

(I actually think they do a little dance, but I have yet to prove this.)

How do you know this works?

- If you use your intention wisely, it can be incredibly effective. Scientists and healers have been proving it for decades and there is copious amounts of evidence of it having a huge impact on stress relief as well as being sensational for healing.

- Our thoughts and emotions' impact (our most powerful forms of energy) upon the body are incredibly strong, and there are many studies and evidence to show this. (See and

Will you feel like an idiot saying it? 

Probably! But so what, if it actually works? 

Remember you are essentially rebelling against feeling crap in some way (consciously or unconsciously), and that is worth feeling uncool for, for just 10 - 50 seconds.

You're also releasing unwanted energy from your body's cells and installing new neural pathways (habits).

Feeling happier, lighter, not disappointed in yourself (knowingly or unknowingly) and more "oh shit, I'm actually feeling awesome", means accepting that you feel ALL emotions in the dictionary, and not judging yourself (or others) for doing so.

Emotions are not our belongings. 
They are just fluid states of feeling made of energy. 

Don't let this energy clog you up!
Experiment and try it out this week. 
I dare you ;)

And let me know how you get on.


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