Diving Down The Past Lives Rabbit Hole

Diving Down The Past Lives Rabbit Hole
(image by Raoul Shah)


Ever felt like there's other parts of you which you've not yet discovered?

This can sometimes be your soul signalling that there's more of you to explore at a deeper level, and often a spiritual level.

Or have you ever met someone for the first time and felt like you've known them your whole life? 

It could be that you've just bumped into someone you knew in a past life. And more often than not, there will likely be a story between you both, which if you explore, can usually bring a lot of clarity as to the "why."
How do I explore my past lives? 
In a past lives session, I not only tell you more about your past lives, but will also remove any energies that any not-so-great past life experiences your soul's story book is carrying.  We will of course, also explore the good stuff too!
How does it work in a session? 
I do this via an hour long session on Zoom whereby I connect with you, gaining information about you to flow to me. It often flows quickly, coming in streams of information (sometimes rivers!) and I test it all through the energy release therapy known as muscle testing, which is rooted in kinesiology. This type of energy work gives me biofeedback from your body, through your meridian lines and energy centres, about the stored energies and emotions which are like chapters of stories inside your body.  
Note that our bodies hold information from the subconscious mind (which makes up 95% of your mind - a huge percentage of the mind not to explore) Exploring this side of our minds brings forth stories from the soul's past lives to the conscious mind, and many hundreds of thousands of people have found it incredibly insightful and enriching in doing so. I have accessed and removed any lingering unhelpful energies from many many past lives - of both my own and of my clients. 
How do I know you can do this?!
Good question! Here's the honest answer. Last year, without looking for any sort of psychic skill (it very much landed upon me like a meteor and I think the culprit was years of daily meditation!), I developed ESP, telepathy, psychic abilities, an ability to channel information through light language and a whole lot of contact with folk not of this world. Some people call it a spiritual awakening, yet at the time it happened, I referred to it as a rude awakening! 
It very much blew my socks off, but it was and still is an incredible part of my life and work which I handle with care and balance. I have also helped police with two missing persons' cases at an international level. You may also be interested to explore the many many scientific and evidence based studies about telepathy, human consciousness and ESP going on, which are helping to back up many aspects of our psychic sides.
Other signs you are tapping into your past lives...
Experiences such as powerful dreams, or unexplainable visual flashes in your mind of a person you don't know in this life or event or place that is not familiar in any way can be signs. Phobias and even emotional reactions to certain things, people or situations can also be signs, as can future visual flashes - seeing things happen before they occur. You may also feel incredibly drawn to certain people you meet as mentioned above, and not know why.
Example questions you can ask me in a session:
- How many human lifetimes have I lived?
- Can you tell me info about any future lifetimes? (Time is definitely not linear - think of it as locations of time)
_ I seem to get an abnormal emotional or physical reaction to specific object / person / place - can you shed any light on this?
- Tell me more about my soulmate?
- How did I know my family members and friends in past lives?
- I have a really tough time with a specific person in my life - can you give me clarity on this?
- I am overwhelmingly freaked out by _____, any clues about why?
- I've had recurring visions or dreams about specific events or people. Can you help?
Up for finding out more about what your soul's experienced before this life?
To book a free phone call / consultation to find out more, please drop me an email at info@healmenow.co or head to Contact with any questions.
All sessions take place online via Zoom.

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