Clearing Your Past To Create Your Future

Clearing Your Past To Create Your Future
"Change your energy, change your life. 
We cannot create a new future by holding on to the emotions of the past.” 
(Dr. Joe Dispenza, neuroscientist and author of 'Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself' and 'Becoming Supernatural')
As we are made of 99.9% energy, including all of our physical stuff (chemically and biologically), consider that it would then make sense that energy is the most powerful thing affecting us and our lives. I like to think of us as big giant energy storybooks, with energy chapters yet to unfold and energy chapters we've stored from the past and the present. Some of these energy chapters we want to keep (the good stuff) and some of them (the not so good stuff) our bodies or our minds will signal they are ready to remove, either through physical pain or emotional distress. 


The concept of "like attracts like" when we consider the law of resonance, means that you attract energies with the same frequency of the energy that you emanate and display, through emotions you feel and thoughts you have. They resonate in every corner of our lives, from our personal relationships to the areas we live in and the places we work. 

"Law of Resonance: Our life force will react to adjust on every stimulus or force that it is being exposed to within the body, mind, emotions or spirit. If the force of stimulus is stronger than the inner life force present, the bodies are forced to adjust in a way where a consequence of that force is perceived or experienced." Ascension Glossary

We also know that emotions and thoughts are two of the most powerful types of energy we work with (check out, which we carry not just in our heads, but inside our bodies AND outside of our bodies in our body's energy field (also known as our biofield or torus field).



I often think it's a shame that we are so used to believing and understanding so much based on what our eyes see, instead of what our intuition says or our gut instinct signals. If we could see the thoughts and energy we and those around us display, we might look a bit like a peacock - only instead of pretty blue and green feathers, we'd have words around us. On one day these words might say, "having a rough day, please give me some space." And on another day they might say, "feeling absolutely fantastic, let's chat, laugh and connect." 

Essentially this is how our energy resonates (or "hangs out") around us, but on a much more subtle level of course. 


There's scientific evidence and truth to the saying "you've got issues in your tissues." So the first thing we humans can do, before we can create our kickass futures, is to remove some of the debris - emotional energy - in our bodies' cells, muscles and tissues, which has accumulated over our lives through our life experiences and interactions with others. Doing so not only allows you to feel lighter, both physically and emotionally, but also makes space in your body for everything to function properly, and for the good emotions and good experiences to nourish you.

And then there's the emotional energies that aren't ours, of those around us - from our past and in our present, as well as those from our ancestors (ref here).

As you may already know, this is no quick process (much to my disappointment when I first found out about this back when I was a client of muscle testing therapy! The body and mind often has many layers of trapped energies (or stories as I like to call them) to remove. 

Energy also doesn't see skin, walls, space or distance as a barrier (which is how muscle testing, energy healing and reiki can be just as effective as in-person healing). So if you're thinking about someone on the other side of the world, that thought will engage as energy with their own energy, in their own energy field, in a light way or sometimes a heavier way, depending on what the emotion is.


The body and the inner being - your essence, your soul, or the foundations of You at the original level, and not your mind or feelings - absolutely loves releasing energy that doesn't serve you or which is physically or emotionally harmful to you.

In fact, they probably have mini inner parties to celebrate.

Because, particularly with the accuracy of energy healing methods like muscle testing, acquired through the signals your autonomic nervous system gives, you are releasing trapped energy and emotions, after which your body and often your mind, will clearly demonstrate they are very happy about.



Whilst it can be interesting and even fun to see what comes up in energy work sessions, particularly with muscle testing, it's not always an easy road when it comes to releasing the trickier emotions we've felt.  However once removed, those are the ones which often deliver the biggest rewards. And the biggest smiles. I'll leave you with one more quote from Dr Joe Dispenza:

“When you get uncomfortable in the place of the unknown – that’s where the magic happens.” Joe Dispenza

Keep on diving in to all your chapters. It's probably one of the most interesting journeys you'll ever take.


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